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Copenhagen / 2022
About D Ferments

            Did you know that you can get a curated box of 6 bottles? I keep some kombuchas exclusively for this. I deliver them for free in all Copenhagen on my bicycle, reusing old wine boxes to make it even more ecofriendly and sustainable.

If you are desperate for a quick bottle, you can also find it in many locations.

Locally handcrafted 
D Ferments Production

            Located in Herlev, my production space is the heart of D Ferments. I'm fortunate to share this space with my landlord, who runs a company called Functional Future, making biodynamic ginger shots. Together, we create a vibrant hub of fermentation and healthy beverages.

Find a bottle
Copenhagen Retail 

            Brød, Flere Fugle, KIHOSKH, Steffi Graf, VIN på Nørrebro, Volatil Vinhandel.

Drink a glass 
Copenhagen Gastronomy 

            Amator, Baka d'Busk, Bar Rascal, Bar Vivant, Barr, Botti, Café Dan Turèll, Designmuseum Format Cafe, Gaarden & Gaden, Gaijin, Flere Fugle, Hafu, Il Buco, Kadeau, Kilden i Skoven, Lago, Lille Format, Oberra, Rosforth & Rosforth, Sankt Annæ 8, Seks, Sigurd Vinbar, Steffi, The Lab Kitchen, Tilda og Karl, VIN på Nørrebro, Volatil Vinhandel, Wildhorses and few more..