Copenhagen / 2022
About D Ferments

            Hey there! I'm Damian, your friendly neighbourhood kombucha brewer and founder of D Ferments. Inspired by my background in natural wine and a deep love for fermentation, I've embarked on a journey to create exquisite, handcrafted kombucha and other fermented delights through my project, D Ferments.

My journey into the world of fermentation began with natural wine, where I spent seven years working as a wine sommelier at renowned establishments like 108, Pasteur, and Ved Stranden 10. During that time, my fascination with fermentation grew, and in April 2023, I finally found the perfect production space to pursue my passion for kombucha and other ferments.

At D Ferments, I take immense pride in each bottle of kombucha, turning it into a work of art. Bottled in exquisite 750ml champagne-grade bottles, my kombucha stands as a living testament to the finest form of this enchanting beverage. I'm constantly experimenting with different flavors inspired by the seasons, resulting in a diverse and exciting range of kombucha varieties. From sparkling like a PetNat to still options, every bottle is meticulously hand-painted and labelled with care, showcasing my dedication to craftsmanship.

Uncompromising quality is my priority. I'm committed to producing top-quality kombucha, preserving its natural goodness and health benefits. To achieve this, I ensure that each bottle is crafted with the utmost care, leaving them unpasteurized and unfiltered for a delightful and refreshing experience for every consumer.

Locally handcrafted 
D Ferments’ Production

            Located in Herlev, my production space is the heart of D Ferments. I'm fortunate to share this space with my landlord, who runs a company called Functional Future, making biodynamic ginger shots. Together, we create a vibrant hub of fermentation and healthy beverages.

P00 Production Space, Herlev DK 

In this space, I produce everything by hand, starting with boiling the tea in a 100l pot, multiple times. With eight 150l tanks, I have the capacity to create seven different kombucha varieties, sometimes using different teas for each. The 8th tank serves as a continuous starter and mother liquid, ensuring consistency in every batch.

I patiently let the tanks and kombucha ferment until they reach the desired level of acidity, which typically takes around four weeks. Once achieved, I infuse the kombucha with carefully selected flavors, letting them sit and macerate for a day or two. After straining, I fill each bottle and manually cap, label, and even paint them, adding a personal touch to every product.

P01 Bubbles creating a really cool looking surface.

P02 A healthy kombucha pellicle.

P03 Rose petals maceratiing in Oolong tea.

P04 Fig leafs and plum pits coverd by the kombucha pellicle.

P05 Butterfly pea flower coloring sencha tea,. Maceration of lemon grass and kaffir lime.

P06 An ice cube made of Lilac kombucha.

P07 Fig leafs macerating in genmaicha tea.

P08 Straining cold brewed sencha tea from Kagoshima.
While I take pride in crafting everything myself, my friends occasionally lend a helping hand during bottling and capping. The refermentation process in the bottle can vary, ranging from two days to two months, requiring careful monitoring. To maintain consistency, I use a walking fridge to cool down the kombucha when it reaches the perfect carbonation level.

From the careful selection of ingredients to the meticulous craftsmanship, each step is infused with my passion and dedication for the art of fermentation. I'm proud to present D Ferments, your locally handcrafted ferments with unique flavor combinations, reflecting my love for the craft. Join me in this delightful journey as we explore the enchanting world of kombucha together.

Cheers to the art of fermentation and the wonderful community of kombucha enthusiasts!

P09 A happy man getting ready for a nap on kombucha pallets.